January Low, born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia started dancing with Classical Ballet, followed by 25 years of Indian Classical dance training in Sutra Dance Theatre, Malaysia, focusing on Odissi. She returned to the stage a year after the birth of her twins adding to her belt performances for the International Odissi Festival, Orissa (2014) and Georgetown Festival (2015).

In 2016 she performed bloom, a sold-out success and was extra special as she performed while 7 months pregnant.

In December 2017 she self-produced, dedicated, her first independent solo.

Her most recent production was MI(X)G directed by Pichet Klunchun. This 2 hour production that January choreographed and performed was the opening performance for Festival Tokyo.

2009 - present


6 month Asia-Africa cultural exchange in Seoul, Korea 2009 . Shades of Love, International Dance Day 2010 . International Dance Festival hosted by Indian Council for Cultural Relations New Delhi, India 2010 . SutraRasa India/Europe/Thailand Tour 2011 . rehab: Tari 14, Georgetown Festival 2014, Shantanand 2015 . bloom 2016 . dedicated 2017 . MI(X)G Festival Tokyo 2018

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