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January Low, born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia started dancing with Classical Ballet, followed by 25 years of Indian Classical dance training in Sutra Dance Theatre, Malaysia, focusing on Odissi.


She returned to the stage a year after the birth of her twins and premiered Kuruyadunandan at the International Odissi Festival, Orissa (2014) and performed at the Georgetown Festival (2015).

In 2016 she presented duet, bloom, a sold-out success and was extra special as she performed while 7 months pregnant. In 2017 she self-produced, dedicated, her first independent solo.

In 2018 she was a part of MI(X)G directed by Pichet Klunchun. This 2 hour production that January choreographed and performed was the opening performance for Festival Tokyo.

In 2019 she developed ‘reclaim’. The first phase was shared during Scope#6 at Dance Nucleus, Singapore and then excerpts were presented at Dancebox and ASWARA’s Tari Festival. The full work was premiered at the end of the year at KOTAK, Five Arts Centre.

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